Share or Die, an aperitif with the innovators

From networking to offers of funding. In Filas there are still €22 million available for projects with a highly innovative content

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Attention is focused on Filas, the Financial Section of the Lazio Region that returns to the startups and innovation projects and that this evening at 6 o’clock, at Hadrian’s Temple, will offer the first in a series of “Share or Die” networking aperitifs in conjunction with Roma Startup and Asset Camere to stimulate the meeting and the sharing of experiences between investors and innovators. And that’s not all.

I would recommend that all new companies and those who have a worthwhile idea to be developed in the Lazio area click on Filas and take a careful look at the 4 different offers of funding, all of which can be consulted online, in the search for the Lazio Region’s Por (Lazio Regional Operational Programme) Fesr (European Fund for Regional Development) 2007/2013 (Spinoffs and innovative startups, Co-research, Micro-innovation and Vouchers) that still has €22 million available for projects with a highly innovative content.

Thanks to an overall total of €82 million, the funds from the 4 different offers of funding, managed by Filas, have to date approved funding to the tune of €58 million. Of the 1,203 innovation projects submitted, 475 have been approved and 56 of these relate to startups of new entrepreneurial ventures and spinoffs that have enhanced the outcomes of the Research.

Of those that have most recently received funding from Filas, three projects, namely Reclut@, Cicero e SmartEye, are all based in Rome and operate in the human resources, tourism and smart city technology sectors.

Reclut@ (funded through the offer of funding for Co-research with an allocation of €300 thousand) of the RTI Bit Media-Chioslab is a dedicated app specially designed for the world of employment. It is “virtual head hunter” that is capable of “finding the right people and placing them in the right place”, and that is of value both to companies looking for staff and those looking for employment. Reclut@ quickly tracks down the best suited individuals by matching the needs of both, on the basis of market performance.

Travelling comes under the remit of the Cicero app, devised by Ds Tech and funded to the tune of €50 thousand by Filas through the offer of funding for Micro-Innovation. Cicero is an authentic “personal travel assistant” that, with a simple voice command and its semantic search system (NLP), allows all the different stages of organising, booking and sharing of a trip to be shared with friends. This one app on its own can be used for planning, booking (hotels, trains, restaurants and events) organising and obtaining information on where to go, what to do and where to stay and eat, but it also locates places of interest such as museums and monuments associated with one’s location. Above all the application allows the details of one’s own trip to be shared with friends, making it possible to plan the trip with others, share photos and comments and publish an itinerary.

Finally, there’s the Rome based Smart-I, funded to the tune of €100 thousand through the offer of funding for Spin-offs/Innovative Startups. It was also the winner of the Enel Lab competition and offers a network of intelligent optical sensors for street lighting that are capable of adjusting their intensity on the basis of the actual traffic’s needs, halving energy consumption levels for local authorities.

Applications must be submitted on line using the forms available from the offers of funding (Bandi) section of the Filas website.