#nocash trip, we go. But without coins

The tour of three storytellers who will discover italian life only with credit card and smartphone with NFC technology


A straw hat, a cold beer and a nail clipper. Normal purchases of ordinary people who go on vacation. Could be. But to look better Alessandra Razete, blogger of 25 years, Lorenzo Fantoni, a journalist and blogger of 32 years, and Gianluigi De Stefano, 48 journalist, not so ordinary travelers, because leave without cash. Yeah, no coins or paper money. Will have only credit cards and a smartphone with NFC technology.

And we will get to Milan. Six days on board a Citroën with the inscription #Nocashtrip with a stop in Prato, Florence, Genoa until arriving in Milan on July 6. In short, a real grand tour with digital money supported by MasterCard, Eni, Samsung, Citroën, CrowdM and Repubblica.it as media partner together with Prima Comunicazione.

After a morning spent between Eni, Eataly and a greeting to the drafting of the Republic, the three have hailed the seven hills of Rome. Tell, through posts, photos and videos posted on social networking sites along the way, how is it possible to live today, in comfort and safety, without having in his pocket even a banknote or coin, using only electronic currency.

Under the sun of Piazzale Ostiense XII Ottobre 1492 Alessandra, who is from Palermo and in life tells fashion on his blog, he says immediately: “I have the enthusiasm to a thousand. And I’m very curious. And I hope I do not kill for the many cases that I brought. Only the credit card? An interesting experiment”.

Lorenzo is a rather big guy and likes to travel. “I’m glad that we are going to Florence, my city. I’m here thanks to Collateral, a blog I work with”. For Gianluigi “will be a complicated thing. We want to understand what is the relationship of the italians with electronic money and because they are so tied to cash. According to European statistics we use paper and coins more than all the others along with Spanish and Greek. I forgot my clippers at home and i hope to pay by credit card. Glad to leave? Very”.