AerialClick gets Kublai award

The startup of Augusta and Gaetano Massari has been awarded the € 5,000 up for grabs in the project supported by Mise. It will be used for growth

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Augusta Massari and his brother Gaetano put on a project: telescopic poles and hot-air balloons to observe from above and make aerial photographs. They called it AerialClick and their company wants to promote “the development and control of the territory” as explained by Augusta. Last Saturday Augusta brought Aerialclick to the Kublai project, at The Hub, in Via dello Scalo San Lorenzo, Rome, and won 5 thousand euro. Kublai is a platform for social innovation promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development. In a pitch of 5 five minutes he explained the project and convinced the jury of 7 experts that the prize had to take this direction. That his idea had more social impact than others. «From the 5 thousand euro – says Augusta Massari to Startupitalia – a thousand will go for the web marketing courses and 4.000 for enterprise project management courses».

AerialClick focuses on remote controlled systems able to make aerial photography, photographic surveys from above, aerial surveillance, control of territory and the promotion of a structure. The product will be sold both ready to fly, both with the rental service offered by dedicated staff. The market which will be covered by AerialClick is a niche market, with little more than 10 companies worldwide, including three in Italy. In this market AerialClick would like to be a competitor with products with the best qualities of stability and maneuverability than those already present on the market (including the adoption of a range of electronic controls to stabilize the course and the position), best casing material and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for the balloon. The product will be sold using the direct marketing strategy (it is the customer looking for the seller and not vice versa) and will be tailored according to the demands.

AerialClick won among 9 projects: tourism promotion of AugustaSmart Marco Micheletti. Easybuy and the avatar and e-commerce dimensional by Anthony Padovano and Martha Sorbara. Then again got the better of Luca Spoldi on Virtual Worlds, special gifts by Myspecialgift of Cosimo Nicolazzo, Port of Cumana Maria Oreto, ideas for school by Realize your future, by Anna Maria Iaria. And finally, by Tok, the tree of knowledge of Martha Castellini, and Wesuvio Lina Sorrentino.

«Kublai – says Tito Bianchi, 45, responsible for the initiative – is a project that has been going on for some years, is funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Political development and supports young designers who want to make their ideas a profession, a company in the social and in new services. It is a web platform where we provide assistance and we try to put people in touch. This award – he continued – is the way to celebrate innovation, an excuse to bring people together and to present an idea in front of others, find supporters, allies, partners, critics also».

Kublai is the fourth appointment. Of so many beautiful stories that have become businesses. In Milan, for example, there is the first winner: it’s called Critical city and launched an innovative use of urban spaces. Among the jurors also Anna Flavia Bianchi, an expert in economics and innovation policies. «It rewards the project that has more chance – he says – to give its contribution to the local community. Which has more social impact and knock-on effect of other local interlocutors»