Set Life, Naples to San Francisco

They call it the “carpe diem” (seize the day) social network. It’s a platform for sharing everything about yourself on social networks. And three girls lie behind it

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It’s a special mobile app for users of social networks, enabling them to save and share special moments. It’s a social platform by means of which a status update simultaneously connects to various hashtags: captions, images, time, location, your friends, entertainment (the book you’re reading, the film or TV series you’re watching), music you’re listening to, branded/non-branded articles, fashion and accessories, and means of transport. It’s a more complete and interesting way to describe how great your life is, moment by moment.

The app is called Set Life, and the people behind it are three 28-year-olds, Adele Savarese, Lydia L. Galeno and Francesca Caputo, who have been backed by Arcanys, the project development company. Together with Epi-C and Youareu, these women were winners of “Unite the Two Bays – From Vesuvius to Silicon Valley: a programme designed to create a regular channel for cultural and economic exchanges between Naples and San Francisco, the global capital of technological innovation.

Adele Savarese explained the concept behind their project: «Set Life is the “carpe diem” social network. It’s a platform for saving and sharing perfect moments, and also a lifestyle product, in that it can influence and inspire you in relation to future perfect moments. This app is going to be available at the appstore in September».

In November, Adele, Lydia and Francesca are due to attend courses at the Mind the Bridge Startup Business School. This initiative is one of the promotional exchange activities associated with the Year of Italian Culture in the United States. These joint endeavours between Naples and Silicon Valley also involve the participation of Associazione Skillpoint, Campania Felix, the Mind the Bridge Foundation and Campania Innovazione, together with the Naples Municipality and ICE (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency).

However, the good news for the Set Life creators does not finish here. Adele, Francesca and Lydia will also be taking part in Web Summit 2013 in Dublin on October 30th and 31st, a top-level event for technology start-ups. Adele explained the situation: «We have been selected for the Alpha programme. It’s a sort of competition by which the Web Summit gives you the chance to have a free stand. This is a global shop-window attracting an international audience, and will coincide with Set Life making its debut on the market. It’s an opportunity not to be missed».

Following the Web Session, the Set Life creators will be flying to San Francisco. Adele described persuading the Mentors of the Mind the Bridge Startup School as part of «our company development. Since the end of 2012, we have been involved with a city corporation in Delaware. The company’s headquarters are in New York. The feedback we received on our presentation was very positive». She went on to explain that to launch Set Life “with a site in New York or San Francisco and a high-level team” would require “800,000 Euros. In such a crowded market as social networking you need investments mainly for marketing in order to achieve success”. From their point of view, Adele, Lydia and Francesca already have an advantage: a foothold in Silicon Valley. The first two of them are Italian American, while Francesca lives in Paris. So they are truly international. «However  – Adele commented – Our roots are in Naples, a city which has inspired us even in the social context”.

The drive towards innovation seems to have infected all Campania. According to figures from “InfoCamere” for the period March to June, the number of companies registered as innovative startups increased from 3 to 26. They are involved in a variety of sectors: from pharmaceuticals to music, taking in social media and networking, and the sharing of images, books and TV shows. They also range from software for the automatic processing of documents and handwriting recognition, to mobile apps for creating fuel consumption forecasts for seagoing vessels.