Registered delivery like an email

Tnotice, selected by the Agency for Innovation, it’s a start-up by Claudio Anastasio, engineer. In autumn, they will launch an electronic Registered Delivery service

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His father was employed by the Roman post office in Montesacro, and he grew up playing on the conveyor belt for packages. Five years ago, in a bout of feverish flu, he saw the future of the postal service. The idea became a project, the project innovation, and today it’s a start-up. It was chosen from among 175 Italian excellences by the Agency for Innovation for the Prime Minister’s Office.

His name is Claudio Anastasio, he is 43 years old and explains that he’s been living in Anzio on the Lazio coast for a year «because in comparison to Rome it’s cheaper and more convenient». He works as an engineer and in autumn will launch Tnotice, an electronic Registered Delivery service featuring return receipts. It can be sent like e-mail, has legal value and allows saving time and money. «We are putting the finishing touches to the final user interface and the payment systems», he says.

Three facts to understand the worth of Tnotice: every year the public administration in Italy spends overall 936 million Euros in registered deliveries. In 2012, the time spent overall waiting in a line for registered post is 6,47 years. The paper from registered post moves 250 million envelopes every year. Tnotice eliminates needing to wait in line to send or receive registered deliveries. It’s digital, instant, can be sent to anyone (you don’t need Pec) and it’s free.

The story of Claudio Anastasio and Tnotice has a long history. «When I was a kid, I would visit my dad and be interested in the systems for sorting mail and the work in the depot». Going up and down the conveyor belt for packages, Claudio would ask and learn, with time, it was normal to have all the mechanics of the postal system in his head.

Then, as often happens, he dedicated himself to other things, until all that lived experience came back to him during the delirium of a high fever. «I set my fantasy free and saw things from a different perspective – he explains – with Tnotice, I closed the links in a chain and saw a process which was as clear as day». His good fortune? Switching on the computer and starting to write. These weren’t mere notes though. «My fear was that I’d been dreaming, instead I’d completed the patent request without a single error, the very same request which was then met with positive approval by the European Commission».

From 2008 up to now, Tnotice has stacked-up over 15 thousand work hours, 5 thousand pages of technical specifications bound in 12 volumes, obtained 6 patents and 2 trade secrets. For Claudio Anastasio success can’t be improvised. «I don’t believe in sparks and straw fires – he says – innovation is built day by day».

The recipient receives notice of a registered delivery, which they can either accept or refuse. A refusal has the same consequences of an uncollected registered delivery at the post office. The recipient who receives the delivery, on connecting to the system for the first time, has to show their ID online (equivalent to the collection of registered mail at the desk). This can be done via the upload of a scanned document or simply by sending a picture of your document taken on the phone. The delivery receipt can be signed without the need of an electronic signature or any other device, because the process of a simplified electronic signature, in other words non-original, is equivalent to the standard signature, which you would enter normally on the return receipt.

The sender receives a more complete notification of delivery: a ‘Certificato Postale Forense’ (Legal Postal Certificate) is generated, which as well as having the legal value of a delivery receipt, is also evidence of the content of the sent communication. The application can be used online and has a similar interface to that of a traditional e-mail server, but with some original features added: every e-mail sent is grouped, including the registered delivery; it’s tracking and the delivery receipt.