Admission tests, mobile trainer

Cosa Studio is an app for all those facing the prospect of the selection process for gaining admission to university. Available on Google Play from the end of August. Free

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First it was the aspiring veterinarians’ turn, then the doctors and dentists, on Tuesday it was the turn of the architects. Now fewer than 115,000 graduates are currently having to take the tests for gaining admission to degree courses with limited places. And it’s not over yet. For those hoping to enroll in Economics and Commerce at the Universities of Rome and Palermo, the date for their test is Thursday, September 12, as it is for the admissions tests for a Pharmacy Degree Course at Rome’s major university. The round of the admission tests for the Faculty of Education at Rome’s Sapienza University is on September 13.

In short, it is imperative to study hard for the most hectic week for admissions and to get to familiarise oneself well with the mechanisms of what questions you will be asked. What you really need is an actual coach. Better still if mobile. Basically, you can train yourself to do the test and perhaps even enjoy you last day on the beach.

Since the end of August Cosa Studio, an app providing a search engine, advice for finding university course that best suit your own aptitudes and an admission test simulator have been available free of charge on Google Play. Cosa Studio renders the section of with the same name, mobile. It is the media network of Italian universities, one of the first projects supported by Telecom Italia’s Working Capital program, since 2009.

The app the brainchild or three developers from Sicily: Francesco Grasso, 42, a software designer and webmaster of, David Agostini, 30 years old, a graduate in Computer Science, and Milena Aliberti, 29 years old, a graduate in Computer Sciences, who developed the university admission tests simulator. «We decided to make the part of dedicated to the tests available on mobiles to make it easier to use» explains Milena. «You can choose between training for specific subject areas, and the actual simulation of the admission test, with the composition of the quiz-type questions, as laid down at ministerial level, and also the clock showing the time available».

There is also a section where it is possible to download the tests from previous years. «In the future we plan to increase the number of tests and also the guidance section with an even more detailed search facility». In creating the app and specifically the admission tests Milena and the others have worked «on a user interface that was as simple as possible to use whilst at the same time giving the student a precise idea of the level achieved».

And it’s not only the admission test, because Cosa Studio also helps students by offering guidance. «It helps you to find the degree program based on your chosen discipline, the city you want to study in and the type of school that you have attended», Milena added. Cosa Studio also contains a special ranking of Italian universities which compares the main rankings with that created by the users themselves, who can express their own opinion through online voting on each individual university’s own teaching, research and facilities. There will be no shortage of useful pieces of advice, news items and information on degree courses and Italian universities.